Celina Harich Weekend Clinic

6-17 December on Ekeskogs

An exclusive and private Home Clinic, famous for the fabulous teaching, good food and riding atmosphere. The professional Licenced Trainer by Bent Branderup - Celina Harich – is coming to Gotland to continue her education of us who are interested in learning more and fine details in the Art of Riding and biomechanics of the horses movements.


Celina will continue to visit Gotland 2 times a year to teach old and new students, on advanced level and beginners. So save the dates for 2017!


This clinic is open for everybody who wants to start out, as well as for students who are already into the academic art of riding and want to spend some time to look into deeper details in some movements.


We will start the clinic with a get-together, in which we will let everyone tell us a little bit about their wishes for the weekend.


You can bring your own horse with you or borrow one of Hanna's schooled horses.


The dream for this clinic is that the ones of you who live on Gotland and would like to take this opportunity to get a good education for building up yourself and your horse together with a internationally Licenced Bent Branderup trainer - Celina Harich - would come together and create a fixed training group during the year of 2017. For the sake of structure and your development it would be best if you have the opportunity to join both weekends.




Practical Participation 

The Clinic is starting in the morning 9:00 and takes place until the afternoon the day after. There will be two lessons on Saturday and one on Sunday. We will have two theory lessons Saturday, and one on Sunday. A simple lunch and coffee is included.


For those who want, the clinic in July will have special focus on practicing for the Groundwork and Longe-test for Bent in August. 


Theoretical Participation

You also have the possibility to join as a spectator, and join the theory and practical theory lessons. A simple lunch and coffee is included.


Home clinc rider (3 lessons) 2800SEK

Home clinic spectator 200 SEK 

Box during day 100 SEK (private horse)

Box during night and day 200 SEK (private horse)

Borrow a horse from Hanna 200SEK/ lesson